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Mississauga Ramblers is a Mississauga, Ontario, Canada based Cricket Club.
We have two practice nets. 5 Natural turf wickets and 1 artificial turf wicket.

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1. Ramblers Senior Member – $450/year
2. Ramblers Junior Member – $275/year
3. Ramblers Masters Member – $250/year
4. Ramblers Social Member – $25/year

Fees include club membership, opportunity to play in any of our competitive teams (social members excluded), summer practices, use of facilities and ball fees. It does not include uniforms and match fees. Match fees are generally divided amongst players playing the game to cover the umpire fee. For juniors, fees include game fees for their league matches. All membership fees must be paid in full before a member is eligible to play in any matches.

Fees are paid annually, and due by the date determined by Mississauga Ramblers. We accept cheque, cash and e-transfers to

There are 4 different types of memberships that you can be a part of as a Mississauga Rambler:

  1. Ramblers Senior Member – The most common type of membership. For members aged 20 and above who wish to play competitive club cricket.
  2. Ramblers Junior Member – This is for members aged 19 and below to be able to play Junior cricket.
  3. Ramblers Masters Member – This is for our senior-most members who wish to play competitive Masters level cricket.
  4. Ramblers Social Member – This is for members who love the game but only want to play for fun. Members of this type are only eligible for exhibition games.
Yes, we have incentive programs in place for multiple Junior members of the same family joining the club together and for those who bring in sponsorship for the club. Contact us for more details regarding these.
For any sponsorship money you bring in, 25% of the sponsorship goes towards your fee. Also, if you refer a junior player and he/she joins Ramblers, you get $50 incentive towards your fee.
The Mississauga Ramblers play in the top associations throughout the GTA. These include, but are not limited to, the Toronto and District Cricket Association (TDCA), the Brampton-Etobicoke & District Cricket League (BEDCL). In addition, The Mississauga Ramblers host their own league as well. Within these leagues we play T20, T25, 40 and 50 over games.

Team numbers vary and are updated on an ongoing basis depending on member needs and capacity requirements. We have ample coverage between the Junior, Senior and Masters level of cricket to fulfill all membership needs.

Through regular attendance in weekly practices as well as performance in both exhibition and league games, you are selected and placed based upon skill level.
The outdoor cricket season runs from May – September (and sometimes October). During this time games happen every weekend as well as other opportunities to play throughout the week as well. Pending player availability and team needs, they will get ample opportunity to play throughout the season.