The Mississauga Ramblers Executive Body is happy to announce that after a lot of work behind the scenes, practices shall be starting this week!

First of all, we hope that everyone has been keeping healthy and safe during these uncertain times of COVID-19. The Mississauga Ramblers always cares about the health of its members first and that is why we have taken the time to ensure that all protocols are in place to allow for safe resumption of cricket related activities.

With that in mind, the attached document relays the practice schedule at the Iceland Cricket Ground for all levels of Mississauga Ramblers. Please look at the details carefully and ensure that you follow these times and dates alongside your respective teams. Captains will be responsible for ensuring that these protocols are met.

There are a few important notes at the bottom of the document which we must reiterate:

1. Social distancing measures, Cricket Ontario’s Guidelines for Safe Resumption to Play (will be
forwarded to you seperately) and Cricket Canada’s Return to Play Plan guidelines must be followed:

2. All participants must sign the Ramblers COVID-19 Liability Waiver prior to participation:

3. Reminder – matches (even practice games) are not allowed until permitted by the City of Mississauga.
Facilities can only be used for training purposes at this time. Group sizes must be 10 or less persons.

4. Please clean up facilities after use. Use available garbage bins or take your garbage (including all water
bottles) with you.

5. If there are any unauthorized teams using the facilities, please call Iceland Security Enforcement at
(905) 896-5040) or 311 and request that a By-Law Officer come to the ground. Do not engage anyone
in any type of altercation.

6. This schedule is subject to change once the City of Mississauga permits cricket matches to resume.

THE WAIVER FORM IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT and must be signed electronically at the link above to allow any members to be able to participate in any cricket related activities. Furthermore, a reminder that GROUP SIZES MUST BE 10 OR LESS PERSONS AND THAT NO MATCHES MAY BE PLAYED.

If you have any questions on these measures or any other related matter, please reach out to Fayaz or any other member of the Mississauga Ramblers Executive Body.

It has been a long but necessary wait and we look forward to having people participate and get back into the groove of cricket. See you all soon!

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