First Champs

Talent and Unity

First Division – Champions

“It’s not how you start but how you finish”. This is how I’d best describe the 2014 season of the Mississauga Ramblers 1stDivision.

Retrospectively, it has been a hard fought lengthy season. Beginning unimpressively with losses in the first two matches – things did not look promising. This situation was instantly reversed by a series of brilliant individual performances with the bat, ball and in the field – a theme that flowed throughout the summer. The Ramblers had started playing the brand of cricket that was expected of them and the wins kept on adding up.

After 7 wins, 4 losses, and a rain out – there were 4 matches of the 2014 regular season remaining. Including the Ramblers, four clubs were in the running for winning the conference and securing the three available playoff spots. It was simple, win all of our remaining matches and we’d do both. But, in true Ramblers fashion, we kept it interesting and won only 2. Resulting in us finishing 3rd in the conference and qualifying for the playoff by the slimmest of margins.

Ecstatic about our playoff qualification the 1st Division Squad were also filled with pride being part of Ramblers’ history. This was the first time the top three teams; Elite, Premier and 1st had all qualified for playoffs at the same time.

The playoffs began extraordinarily with a rousing speech addressed at all of the Ramblers in attendance and thereafter the sense of comradery filled King City knowing that the Mississauga Ramblers Club was being aptly represented.

In my opinion, the quarter, semi and final matches are where the 1st Division team played some of our most inspiring cricket. Our success primarily came from us playing as a one cohesive unit, in addition to individual contributions when it mattered most. As the championship team photo noted,
“Talent wins games but teamwork and unity wins championships”.

“Talent wins games but teamwork and unity wins championships”.

To the Mississauga Ramblers 1st Division squad, The 1st Division Champions of 2014; THANK YOU all for your contributions to the team and club. What a season, it has been spectacular, frustrating, enjoyable, fun and remarkable. Be proud of your achievements, you have earned it. WELL PLAYED LADS!


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