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Benchmark Staffing Solutions

Benchmark Staffing Solutions

Mission Statement:

Strategy and logic combined with dedication and utmost professionalism equal brilliance and phenomenal results.

BSS promises to follow the highest standards of Human Resource practices. BSS has a policy for complete compliance with all regulatory bodies such as WSIB, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Health, and CRA. The Management at BSS strives to ensure that each staffing coordinator looks after every tiny detail when matching candidates to vacant positions.

Implementation of regular and timely follow ups along with obtaining confirmation of arrivals from new and prospective workers to ensure near perfect fulfillment enabling clients to focus on areas where value can be added.

Vision Statement:

Benchmark Staffing Solutions aims to be recognized as a one-stop recruiting center for comprehensive manpower management.

Benchmark Staffing Solutions looks forward to being a front runner in the staffing industry. BSS has a long term strategic plan of action to maximize productivity and reduce turnover for our clients while being cost-effective and efficient along with professionalism and absolute thoroughness.

For more information, please visit Benchmark Staffing Solution website at: http://benchmarkstaffing.ca/

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