Executive Committee

Executive Body

Roy has been spearheading this club for the last 5 years. In his leadership, the club has doubled in size and have received many recognitions throughout the league as well as within the sports fraternity of Mississauga

Roy Supaul , President

Having held many executive positions internally and in T&D league over the past years, Pankaj brings his years of experience and administrative skills to Ramblers. Pankaj’s top priority is to develop & expand the club in 2016.

Pankaj Gupta , Vice President

A Lawyer by profession, Anis has brought order and an extra layer of professionalism in which business is conducted in Ramblers organization. Mr. Adam continues to be on point with his secretary duties and will hold this position once again in 2016

Sunny’s dives and his DJ skills are unmatched in the club. Sunny bring a unique style of leadership and ensures that the club will continue to grow in the right direction while having fun.

Priyank Chohan, Social Director

Anand has been a key figure in junior development from early years. His dedication, passion and insight into cricket has benefited Ramblers junior program from decades. Anand will continue his amazing work in 2016.

Anand Supaul, Junior Development Coordinator

Roy, an experienced and executive accountant, will serve on the committee as a treasurer for 2016. Roy is known to be very easy going and smiling all the time, though his skills with the numbers will ensure that Ramblers’ financials are always up to date and aligned.

Baldeo (Roy) Singh, Treasurer

Mr Jamkhandi is given the PRO position to further the idea of Cricket as a root level sport in Mississauga for youths of all backgrounds and ethnicity. Fayaz will represent Ramblers and work with the city to ensure that cricket grows in Mississauga and Ramblers do their part in this vision.

Fayaz Jamkhandi, Public Relations Officer

A hard working, clean hitting batsman who has been selected and voted to be club/elite captain for year 2016. Asad’s work ethics, relationship with players as well as knowledge of the game has earned him the highest and most prestigious position in Mississauga Ramblers – Captain of Elite team.

Asad Zaidi, Elite (Club) Captain

Sandeep has lead Rambler’s elite team successfully in the past years and has chosen to guide young and ambitious Asad into a leadership position this year. Sandeep will play an important role as Vice Captain and will bring his Canadian Cricket experience to help Elite team to achieve another successful year.

Sandeep Jyoti, Elite (Club) Vice Captain