My Ramblers Experience

By: Keya (Shruti) Patel

My Ramblers Experience by Keya (Shruti) Patel

The cricket season ended pretty recently and I am going through a serious cricket withdrawal. That is what playing for Mississauga Ramblers does to you.

After playing a couple of competitive seasons in the women’s league, I wanted to push and challenge myself even further by joining the men’s league.  After all, as everyone says, cricket is a men’s sport. Soon, I became the first official female member of Mississauga Ramblers.

Initially, I felt very nervous about fitting into this family of cricketers where everyone knew each other and had been playing together for years in this massive club. That, however, changed very quickly as everyone was extremely friendly and made me a part of the Rambler’s family in no time!

I still remember my first game with Ramblers where my captain, Mr. Roy Supaul, trusted me with the ball and allowed me to bowl eight overs in which I ended up taking a 5-wicket haul. Within the span of a single game, my team lifted me from being an underdog to a threatening bowler. The support I received from everyone in the team was heart-touching and really boosted my confidence.

I have played a lot of cricket before but it hasn’t ever felt this good. Since I’ve joined Ramblers, my passion for the sport has increased immensely. The people and the club you play with on a daily basis can have a huge impact on both your mental and physical competitiveness in the sport. I practiced several times a week with various Ramblers’ teams, especially the 3rd Division and the Elite team. I constantly received valuable advice from many of the experienced players and was encouraged at every step. I grew immensely as a cricketer and I have to give all credit to the Rambler’s family for that!

What really sets Ramblers apart from the other clubs is the “togetherness” within the club. Regardless of which team you play for within Ramblers, everyone works together as a family to improve collectively and encourage each other. Moreover, the team members bond really well outside of the ground as well and I became a part of the group in no time. In fact, I started spending more time with Ramblers on and off the ground than I did with my parents! The best part is, that despite being a girl, I was treated just liked all the other guys (and I wouldn’t want it any other way!). I had an awesome time and can’t wait for the next season to start!


About Shruti: Shruti is the first female Ramblers player, this article was originally published in Mississauga Ramblers 2014 magazine

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