2015 AGM

Highlights of AGM



Mississauga Ramblers’ AGM was held on February 22, 2015 at Erin Mills Twin Arena.

1. Message from the President
Our club relies heavily on resources provided by the City of Mississauga for our operations. The City’s limited resources are being demanded and contested for by many new, competing organizations. Our club can no longer afford to sit back and rely on our long history and enjoy the benefits of our successful track record with the City. In order for the City to continue to provide resources to us, we must make significant efforts to grow the club (particularly at the junior level) in terms of our membership and the programs that we offer. This will only occur if we have a more engaged and vibrant membership. The Execs are calling on all current members to become more involved in the club by submitting ideas for improvements and giving your time towards the betterment of the club. Please make an extra effort to support club activities and donate whatever skills and talents you may have that are needed by the club and that can help us improve in 2015.

2. Changes to Membership Fees
The membership approved a fee increase of $25 for both senior and junior members for 2015 due to increased costs that are being passed on from T&D and the City. Senior fees in 2015 will be $425.00 and junior fees in 2015 will be $250.00. The club will continue to offer financial incentives for members who bring in sponsorship, refer new members and sign up multiple family members from the same household. Please contact Pankaj Gupta for more details.

3. Introduction of Late Fee Charge
Both senior and junior members who have not paid 100% of their fees by April 30th, 2015 will be assessed a late fee charge of $25.00. This late fee charge is in addition to our policy of giving preference for team selection to paid-up members before members that have outstanding fees. If you would like to start making installment payments towards your fees, please contact Pankaj Gupta as soon as possible.

4. Mississauga Ramblers has added a Second Division Team in T&D in 2015
The club will be entering senior teams in T&D Elite, Premier, First, Second and Third Divisions in 2015, along with Premier and First Divisions in H&D. We will also have a junior team in T&D’s U-20 40-over competition along with other junior divisions. Applications for Captain and Vice Captain positions will be opening soon. Stay tuned.

5. Elections
The following positions have been filled for 2015:
President – Roy Supaul
Vice President – Ranjit Chaudhri
Secretary – Anis Adam
Treasurer – Pankaj Gupta
Club Captain – Sandeep Jyoti
Club Vice Captain – Asad Zaidi
Junior Coordinator – Anand Supaul
Social Director – Haaris Kirmani
Public Relations Officer – Surinder Puri

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