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Mississauga Ramblers Cricket, Sports & Cultural Club


The Mississauga Ramblers Cricket, Sports & Cultural Club was formed in 1966 with the aim of promoting the game of cricket specifically at the grassroot level, other sports, healthy lifestyle, and cultural activities in the community in a professional, respectful and responsible manner.


The club continues to provide an environment for the younger generation to learn the values of fair play and teamwork. The club operates one of the largest and most vibrant juniors’ cricket program in Canada, with over 125 registered junior members. The club also consists of over 200 senior members, making the Ramblers one of the largest cricket clubs in the Greater Toronto Area.


The Ramblers have access to the redeveloped cricket facilities at the Iceland Oval, located in the heart of Mississauga – a bustling suburb west of Toronto. The club is also proud to host various events that promote and celebrate the cultural diversity of Canada.


Membership is open to those who share the club’s belief in promoting a strong sense of community and togetherness. For more information on club membership and registration forms, please click one of the following:
Junior Form
Senior Form